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Lets do something!!

Okay so i was thinking this group is like watched by 15 people right? and there is a calander and what not and i know so far there is really only the North Bank which is the bar on 6th and Main down town that has events unfortanatly it doesnt include under 21 but i fuigure maybe we should start including and using this site just to get those events posted and maybe create a few other events... cuz down in eugene they have a weekly GLBT movie night, a bi monthly pot luck, a weekly hiking group, and like once a month theres like a morning coffee... we could also include info about what is going on like in ptown such as the monthly skate and what not... I know theres a large comunity out there cuz i see rainbow cars and stickers and what not on cars and theres quite a few peeps at the North Bank and some parties ive been to in portland and the bars/escape in portland!!! So ya whos up for getting together some like on a sat morning for like a coffee mingle thing next month?... perhaps make a myspace group and invite those peeps too!! woo woo!! woo woo?
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